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Touch Rugby League - Golden Valley

As men, we all desire that sense of adventure, something worth fighting for, and in South Africa, this can sometimes be translated into Rugby!!! But seriously, as a rugby nation, we really do take pride in our ability as men to work together as a team, building on each others strengths, and achieving greatness in defeating challenging nations, as we score those tries. 

It's no surprise that one of our main outreach tools to young men is good old rugby, where we as Zeal have forged brotherly bonds with some of the most promising young men in our nation. It started in 2019 as an idea, and later that year, we partnered with Alette Marais from the 'Love Looks Like Something' Project.


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It was this partnership that gave us as men access to the already trusted relationships that Alette had built in the Golden Valley community over the years. We then invited all the young men to join us for Touch Rugby in the neighborhood once a week. At first it seemed that not many were interested, but then after a few meetings and a lot of prayer, the word spread, and more and more young men started to show up and join us playing touch rugby. This allowed us to really connect on a man to man level, and eventually build the same kind of trust that Alette had built, giving us an open door to speak life into these young men. Our aim is to create a platform of opportunity for these men, and to speak hope into them, encouraging them to believe in themselves to achieve greatness. While at the same time, allowing God to move in their hearts, and bring the healing that only He can bring. 


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Join us as we endeavor to provide coaching and  leadership opportunities to young touch rugby players, as a means to build  into the identity of these young men, creating hope for a better future. 

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If you feel it on your heart to give over and above any of the previous options presented to you, please feel free to EFT us via the banking details listed below. 

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Our Development Partners!

Zeal Men's Movement is proudly associated with INXCO Development, who offers valuable support to uplift, train, develop and sustain communities within there means. It is INXCO's intention to provide services to help support the South African communities by setting up a platform from which they can receive donations to the various funds founded by INXCO Development 2020. 

INXCO are licensed to issue official tax certificates to any business or corporation that can find it in their hearts to show their support via donations big or small in order to show your support to local ministries, businesses and event organisers that feel the impact of a crisis to their cores.







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Inxco Development
Bank: First National Bank
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